Dulcimers for homeschoolers: Playing music is fun!

Homeschoolers have a variety of opportunities to see and hear the arts–on line, in museums, during concerts and on stage. But watching and listening are not the same as doing, and this is where dulcimers come in. Why?
1) They are easy to learn: Count to three and you’ve learned the notes for many basic tunes. Grab a pick and strum along.
2) They’re built with the basics in mind: Move up the fretboard and you’ve got a ready-made scale.
3) Student instruments are not very expensive: A well-made starter instrument can be had–or built by your student–for under $100.

Sweet Strings can get dulcimers into the hands your students and open up the world of making music. For homeschool families and groups in Montgomery County MD, we have up to 10 loaner dulcimers available. From a one day interactive dulcimer appreciation workshop to a week-long artist in residence program, Karen can introduce your children to the pleasures and rewards of playing dulcimer. We can even build them together so that students have their own beautifully designed instrument to play forever.

If you are interested, please email Karen@sweetstrings.biz.

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