Sweet Strings wants to bring traditional instruments to you!


Karen provides one-on-one instruction for dulcimer, autoharp and bowed psaltery to beginners up through intermediate players. No prior knowledge of music is necessary.


Karen offers interactive and fun-filled musical experiences for audiences of all ages. Each performance is tailored to the needs of the group. Instrumentals and sing alongs are popular, as well as learning a bit about the history of these wonderful instruments. A performance can feature one or more of Karen’s three offerings: Dulcimer, Autoharp or Bowed Psaltery.

Dulcimer Workshops

What better way to enjoy the dulcimer than to jump right in with your own group? Basic right- and left-hand techniques are easily developed. Workshops can focus on strumming, singing along, picking out a melody—or even composing your own! Possibilities are endless and Karen will work with you to make your experience just right. Up to 10 loaner dulcimers are available for participants during a workshop. This is a popular choice for school enrichment, home school groups and senior centers.