Karen customizes repertoire based on student interest. Key skills are developed as students learn new tunes.

Dulcimer for Beginners: Parts of the dulcimer • Tuning the dulcimer • Holding the instrument comfortably • Basic right- and left-hand techniques • Hearing and playing a melody • Introduction to reading tab • Tips for memorizing music

Beyond Beginners: Introduction to chords • Reading chord tab • Chords across the fretboard • Music theory for the dulcimer • Finger picking • Playing melody across the strings • Ornamentation techniques • Creating arrangements • Tips for melodic and rhythmic playing • Using a capo

Autoharp for Beginners: Parts of an autoharp • Tuning the autoharp • Holding the instrument comfortably • Using picks • Getting familiar with chord button layout • Basic strums and plucks • Introduction to playing by ear

Beyond Beginners: Introduction to melody playing • Minor and seventh chords •Tips for melodic and rhythmic playing • Music theory for the autoharp

Bowed Psaltery for Beginners: Bowed psaltery layout • Tuning the psaltery • Holding the bow • Basic bow techniques • Introduction to playing by ear • Reading music for the bowed psaltery

Beyond Beginners: Using the sharps and flats • Bow techniques for musical variety • Music theory for the bowed psaltery • Creating harmony to accompany others