Dulcimer Workshops

Dulcimer Workshops are tailored to your needs. Choose anything from one-time classes to multi-day artist-in-residence programs. Karen will work with you and your group to customize the perfect dulcimer experience.

Examples of popular workshops are below:

String Side Up: An introduction to the dulcimer for new players. Learn to hold and tune the dulcimer. With right- and left-hand basics, enjoy playing simple tunes with others.

Sing Along Songs: The dulcimer is a wonderful accompaniment for singers! Let’s sing and play some simple-to-learn favorites that sound great with the dulcimer.

Growing Left Hand Technique: It’s time to get all your fingers into the act! Learn to finger efficiently. Explore basic chords and discover how to find them on the fret board.

You’ve Got Rhythm: Right hand techniques: We’ll make strumming across the strings a little more interesting with bum-ditties and other rhythmic options.

Reading Tab: You don’t need to read music to learn dulcimer tunes. Tab is an easy to use play-by-number system that opens up lots of options to any dulcimer player.

Build Your Repertoire: Let’s take some favorite tunes and learn them on the dulcimer. Popular options include folk songs, children’s tunes, classical melodies and holiday standards.

Traditional Jam Tunes: When musicians get together, they rely on a number of old standards. Learn these melodies along with tricks for playing a tune you may never have heard before!

Dulcimer Composition: Learn dulcimer basics and compose your own works. Play with and for one another at the culmination of this workshop. Children particularly enjoy the artistic freedom offered here!

No Pick? No Problem! The dulcimer can be played by finger picking individual strings to bring out melody and harmonies. You’ll be introduced to different finger picking styles to find the one that fits you best.