The Newest Dulcimer

I’ve always been a player of standard dulcimers. Tuned to DAD and everything sounded great! But a part of me was hankering at times for a more mellow sound–something a little deeper. And so my interest in baritone dulcimers was born. I thought I’d have a problem as most baritones have a fretboard even longer than standard dulcimers. With my smaller hands, I had to be careful. As I began to investigate the possibility of a baritone with a shorter length, I found David Lynch’s teardrop and it was love at first sight! My new addition arrived today and I haven’t put it down! Tuned to AEA, it’s also got two additional frets: a 1.5 and an 8.5. I was able to get used to that right away and can’t wait to incorporate the many possibilities these new frets offer to musical arrangements.

In the meantime, take a look at this beauty. I hope to bring it with me to festivals and performances. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Teardrop baritone

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